BIBUS METALS s.r.o. expands its product range by copper alloys

In addition to the traditionally sold products like nickel alloys and titanium, BIBUS METALS s.r.o. set in business with copper-based alloys of the renowned French manufacturer LeBronze alloys (

LeBronze alloys provides innovative material solutions for a wide range of industries, from aerospace, petrochemicals, electrical engineering to medical, jewelry and railway applications. In the 14 production facilities they can use a unique range of metal processing technologies: continuous casting, sand casting, precision casting, centrifugal casting, extrusion, ring rolling, hot and cold rolling, drawing, die forging, hot pressing, cold forming, machining, non-destructive testing, etc.

BIBUS METALS s.r.o. as a member of the BIBUS METALS Group, represents LeBronze alloys in the Czech Republic and Slovakia.

Product range of copper alloy semi products can be found here.